ISYS enhances Internet user experience

ISYS enhances Internet user experience

Australian software developer ISYS/Odyssey Development has introduced a software package that allows Web designers using Macromedia's Flash technology to create graphically enhanced Web sites that also offer improved search capabilities.

ISYS 6.02 supports full-text searches of Flash files. It indexes text held in Flash files and can navigate through the files to index HTML or other document formats to which Flash files point. It can also index and retrieve Flash files held on local file servers and supports 125 file formats in 30 languages.

"People understand there's no point in having a fabulous looking site if users can't find what they're looking for," says Ian Davies, founder and managing director of ISYS. 

"Now with ISYS, Web site owners can have the best of both worlds. What's more, this capability enables businesses that use Flash on their Web sites to offer full-text retrieval across every page on their sites, whether the requested information is contained in a Flash file, HTML document or another common format."

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