NZ SQL server specialists take Australian bow

NZ SQL server specialists take Australian bow

By Stuart Finlayson

New Zealand based company SQL Services is looking to replicate its success across the Tasman as it get ready to debut in the larger Australian market.

Colin Andersen, CEO of SQL Services, which specialises in the delivery of pro-active Database Administration (DBA) services for Microsoft SQL Server exclusively and has a presence in each of the major centres in New Zealand, says the company is confident of success, having studied the Australian market at length before making their move.

"We came to Australia about 12 months ago to assess whether the same market conditions existed here as in New Zealand, and we discovered at that time that there was no-one operating in our space (SQL Server and DBA support) in such a focused and dedicated manner."

Andersen adds that high on the company's list of priorities is to form strong alliances. "A key aspect (of our introduction to the Australian market) is to establish some strong business partners, as that will be our primary vehicle of delivery."

The company has already benefited from its close relationship with Microsoft, as Andersen explains. "Microsoft has been very helpful to date. They have included us in their 'Understanding the SQL Server' roadshow, which is currently touring the six major cities in Australia. We are also presenting at TechEd in Brisbane. They are certainly giving us a lot of encouragement to enter the (Australian) market."

Despite having a close relationship with Microsoft, Andersen does not anticipate its much larger ally making a play to takeover the NZ concern.

"Microsoft are very much encouraging its partners to offer services around its products, which is exactly what we are doing. We are adding service value to the Microsoft offering and I think that's exactly the space they want us to be in."

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