Digital Rights Guide helps secure IP

Digital Rights Guide helps secure IP

An online Digital Rights Management Guide to help multimedia creators and developers secure and profit from intellectual property used on the Internet has been launched by the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Richard Alston.

It is hoped that the new Guide will reduce much of the time and effort currently spent in negotiations between copyright owners and users on management of online issues. An appropriate digital rights management system will assist creators, producers and traders to manage their works in the digital age.

The Guide offers practical advice for those seeking an appropriate digital rights management system and also explains the complex copyright issues which arise in the delivery of digital content. The Australian case studies illustrate a number of examples of digital rights management designed to inform and assist users of the Guide.

Additionally, it looks at various technologies ranging from a simple in-house rights register to more complex systems incorporating payment options and access, while also emphasising the ability of an individual business to develop a system that meets its unique requirements.

A statement issued by Senator Alston said the Guide "delivers on the Government's commitment to support the development of innovative Digital Rights Management solutions and promote the development of Australia's highly skilled and innovative multimedia creators and developers."

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