Information security for online service users

Information security for online service users

Scientists at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Association (CSIRO) have devised a means for people accessing Web Services to ensure the privacy of any personal information divulged.

CSIRO's privacy model allows the user of a Web Service to set the privacy conditions that apply to their personal information, rather than the service provider.

"Our privacy model means that a user accessing a Web Service can decide who can access which bits of their personal information," said CSIRO mathematician Christine O'Keefe. "In contrast, the usual way of dealing with privacy involves the user being required to accept the privacy policy of the Web Service. Our model is more flexible and places privacy decisions in the hands of the service user, not the service provider."

Dr O'Keefe added that the model would be of significant benefit in areas where the maintaining of privacy for information is paramount.

"Web Services will play an increasing role in the provision of business and Government services, but concern for the privacy of personal and other sensitive information is a significant barrier to people using these services. This is particularly true in the areas of healthcare and financial services."

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