NSW Government to undertake content management survey

NSW Government to undertake content management survey

The New South Wales Office of Information Technology (OIT) has commissioned a review of content management systems and practices across all NSW Government agencies.

A report on the study, which will be conducted by Sydney-based independent content management consultancy Step Two Designs, is due to be published by June 30 this year. The study will focus both on products purchased and supporting business processes.

"This is an excellent opportunity to find what has already been purchased within the public sector and to learn lessons from their experiences," said James Robertson, managing director of Step Two Designs.

The study will consist of two online surveys, supported by interviews with selected agencies. As well as presenting the results of the research, the final report will also outline best practice CMS recommendations for all NSW agencies.

Among the wide range of topics to be examined in the study are currently deployed CMS packages, goals and issues driving CMS projects, integration with other IT systems, project budgets, tender processes, and project management methodologies.

NSW Government agencies wishing to participate in this survey should contact Kristine Corcoran at the Office of Information technologies on (02) 9236 7706 or email kristine.corcoran@ditm.nsw.gov.au

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