Equinix in Australia and Asia-Pac expansion

Equinix in Australia and Asia-Pac expansion

Internet exchange service provider Equinix has said its successful merger of i-STT and Pihana Pacific has led to enabled it to secure a host of new customers in the Asia Pacific region.

The integration of the companies into Equinix, which has data centres located in the key Asia Pacific business centres of Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo, has made it the largest global network-neutral Internet exchange services company.

"By establishing one of the largest global data centre and Internet exchange services, Australian customers have much more flexibility and choice in arranging their services," said Doug Oates, managing director of Equinix Australia. "Through Equinix, they can leverage services in six different countries, in single or multi currencies, all via a single global account manager."

Equinix also announced a new service strategy for its Asian operations. The company plans to extend the suite of managed services currently available within its Singapore IBX centre to all of its locations in the Asia pacific, including Sydney. These will be supported by technical personnel located within Equinix's Sydney data centre.

"The convergence of IT and telecommunications has changed the marketplace dramatically," said Philip Koen, President, COO and head of Asia Pacific at Equinix. "Customers now see a tremendous opportunity in creating a flexible approach to the way they buy network and IT services."

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