Melbourne Council singing to Hummingbird's tune

Melbourne Council singing to Hummingbird's tune

Enterprise management software provider Hummingbird has secured a deal with Melbourne City Council to supply the authority with a new Web-based platform that will manage more than one million documents.

The Council has purchased Hummingbird's Enterprise 5.0 for its document, knowledge and records management solutions.

Moves to implement the Hummingbird technology followed an extensive review undertaken for the Council, which concluded that it needed to upgrade its IT knowledge management infrastructure with a scaleable solution that could intergate with Microsoft XP and PeopleSoft CRM 8 platforms, enabling employees to capture, manage and distribute information across the organisation within a Web-based environment.

Mike Healey, manager of information and technical services at Melbourne City Council, outlined why the Council decided to plump for Hummingbird.

"We had been using the Hummingbird document management software for the past five years and although there area number of organisations which provide similar features in knowledge and document management, we were convinced the Hummingbird Enterprise suite of products was the best solution to integrate with our new Microsoft XP environment. The breadth of the Hummingbird Enterprise technology and its ability to scale with our future requirements for online collaboration was also a decisive factor in selecting Hummingbird."

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