Cost reduction to remain key for IT in 2004, says META

Cost reduction to remain key for IT in 2004, says META

The current economic uncertainty and market volatility in the IT sector is set to continue throughout 2004, driving IT organisations to focus on improving productivity, quality and business alignment.

That is the view of analyst group META, which also claims that businesses will be consumed with the need to reduce costs at the expense of concentrating on growth. This, it says, will force IT organisations to come up with more responsive approaches to changing economic conditions.

The poor market conditions are not necessarily a bar to achieving success, as META Group CEO, Fred Amoroso explains.

"Uncertainty in the economy becomes an opportunity if your organisation has the agility to shift and better position itself for growth. Demands for greater transparency and accountability across all aspects of the business will drive IT organisations to rely increasingly on internal baselines and external benchmarks that monitor agility and balance performance-area resources (e.g. help desks, data centres, networks) to justify IT budgets and technology decisions."

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