Silent One makes noise

Silent One makes noise

New Zealand-based knowledge management software developer Silent One has signed a deal to enter China and strengthened its association with NZ Post.

The company has signed a “channel partner agreement” with a Chinese consultancy called Jieruan Software Technology. The agreement has already borne fruit with a joint implementation of Silent One’s Electronic Document Management System application at an undisclosed site in the Chinese city of Nanjing.

Peter Hammond, CEO of Silent One, said that Jieruan had already identified opportunities in the small to medium business sector in China and was helping Silent One convert its software for use with Chinese characters, which require translation into “double-byte” characters from the traditional ASCII.

”With China set to become a member of the World Trade Organisation, businesses are expected to be moving to more “rules based” internal procedures and EDMS is expected to be one of the cornerstone products in this process,” said Mr Hammond.

Silent One has a similar existing agreement with TriCoStar, a consultancy firm based in London which specialises in local government and medium-sized businesses.

On the customer side, Silent One announced it had already commenced a roll-out of the EDMS application to New Zealand Post’s legal division, with a further 250 users planned for a second stage. NZ Post owns 50 per cent of Silent One, which has become popular at NZ government agencies, with customers including Trade NZ, Telecom NZ, the NZ Ministry of Defence, and the NZ Employment Relations Service.

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