80-20 Discovery Powers Amnesty International

80-20 Discovery Powers Amnesty International

Australian software equips renowned human rights organization with powerful, accurate Website search engine.

80-20 Software, a leader in enterprise document management, search and retrieval, has announced that Amnesty International has deployed its, concept-based search engine to power www.amnesty.org.

Amnesty revamped its Website at the end of March and needed a reliable search engine for handle heavy traffic to the new site. 80-20 Discovery was implemented at Amnesty by iRevolution (LSE Ticker: IREV), an integrated software solutions provider based outside London.

The Website for the International Secretariat of Amnesty International is dedicated to providing human rights resources on the internet, enabling people to take action in preventing human rights abuse. The content rich site contains more than 20,000 files and is visited by more than 12,000 people daily worldwide. Approximately three million pages are viewed each month. The Website contains almost all of the Amnesty reports published since 1996.

Mike Shamash, Amnesty International’s Web team coordinator said, “Our particular challenge is that visitors to www.amnesty.org have more diverse needs than visitors to most Websites. We needed a powerful, intelligent search solution that could glean results from a very large quantity of information, for very particular queries. For example, a human rights lawyer needing information about a particular type of case in a specific region, or a human rights activist wanting to learn about Amnesty’s campaigning techniques. 80-20 Discovery provides users with an intuitive search tool that quickly and easily returns the right information.”

“We were able to implement Discovery within our existing infrastructure and we’ve found it easy to configure and maintain throughout this period. Also, Discovery can Dave Armstrong, from iRevolution said, “Working alongside Amnesty International to provide a solution to their challenge has been a satisfying project. 80-20’s advanced search technology is crucial to the new Website in its ability to return accurate search results, which is building user loyalty and trust among Amnesty supporters around the world.” Mr Shamash said.

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