Aussie search tool helps combat terrorism

Aussie search tool helps combat terrorism

Already used by law enforcement organisations for searching incident reports, offender databases and evidence reports, ISYS is finding a new application in the identification and tracking of suspected terrorists.

Search software provider Odyssey Development, has experienced a surge in demand for its product ISYS amongst counter-terrorism agencies. The product's ability to search 30 different languages including Arabic is a feature that has been in high demand since the advent of the "War on Terror".

"These days even terrorists use computers and ISYS provides a quick way to alert officials to anything suspicious," says Odysseys' Managing Director Ian Davies.

Odyssey Development says it has recently sold ISYS to a number of intelligence and security agencies in the USA and Europe. They use the product to search recovered data from confiscated computers, exploiting its ability to search files regardless of their format and to view results without the host application.

Intelligence officers are able to search for key terms such as names of susptected terrorists, chemical ingredients used in the manufacture of bombs ir references to terrorist activities.

ISYS can also be used to search the various repositories of intelligence information that are used in the counter-terrorism effort, including security reports and databases of potential suspects.

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