Alphawest joins the Towers in GSAS

Alphawest joins the Towers in GSAS

By Mark Chillingworth

Alphawest has joined Tower Software and Tower Technology as a supplier of Records and Information Systems to government agencies in New South Wales. Alphawest will offer a system based on Tower Software's TRIM application; Tower technology and of course Tower Software will also be offering government agencies the TRIM application.

Under contract ITS2323 Alphawest will supply the Records and Information Management Systems (RIMS) as part of the New South Wales Government's Common Use Period Contract.

This will see Alphawest, and other companies that have succeeded in the selection, supply the NSW Government for the next 20 years. The contracts announced this week replace contracts made in 1997. Tower Software was an original supplier and remains so.

Alphawest will be supplying an integrated solution, which includes Tower Software's TRIM application and a range of other options. Martin Harwood, the managing director of Tower Software confirmed that Tower Software has also been awarded a separate contract and Tower Technology will also be offering the TRIM application as an integrated solution with its IDM application.

Alphawest are calling this a "significant achievement". Tower Software had a successful 2002 with wins at the FBI in the United States and an important global deal with integrator EDS and is looking forward to similar success in 2003.

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