Director of Public Prosecutions has an Objective view

Director of Public Prosecutions has an Objective view

Objective starts 2003 as it left 2002, with news of an important deal. Hard on the heels of the deal with Archives New Zealand, Objective is the first vendor to be able to announce a deal under the GSAS Panel Contracts for 2003. The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has selected Objective to supply an integrated document management system.

In a statement Objective said the deal is worth in excess of $1 million. Patrick McMahon, the manager of corporate services at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) said he selected Objective as they demonstrated a clear understanding of their business requirements and had experience of equally large implementations. "It was crucial that we selected a vendor who we could trust to deliver the right solution within our tight project timelines and budgetary constraints," he said; adding that Objective showed a clear project methodology and implementation path.

A document management system has been chosen by the ODPP office as it has to handle increasingly large volumes of documents, which are created when a criminal prosecution is being conducted, including the documentation that travels between the ODPP and other criminal justice agencies such as the police.

"In 2001 alone, the number of records totalled 19,683, which comprised in excess of four million individual documents. This figure excludes the vast number of drafts and other supporting documents generated during the prosecution process that are subsequently culled during archiving," said Mr McMahon.

Although described as a document management system, Objective's application will also be managing physical evidence, emails, sound files, photography, video and electronic documents. As part of the deal, Objective will manage the creation, access, maintenance and archiving of electronic documents, multimedia and physical documents that are used in the ODPP's daily operations.

Objective will be integrating the document management system into the Criminal Advocacy Support and Enquiry System (CASES) workflow system. Users in 12 locations across NSW will be accessing the system.

The ODPP deal is the first to be awarded under the new NSW Government Selected Application Systems (GSAS) 2323 panel.

"The ODPP's selection of Objective so soon after the new panel's announcement is indicative of the level of pent-up demand in the NSW government market for knowledge and process management solutions," said Tony Walls the CEO of Objective in Asia Pacific.

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