Dicom merges to grow storage services

Dicom merges to grow storage services

Dicom has merged its business units to expand its storage and document capture offerings locally and will open a new office in Brisbane.

Document capture service provider Dicom Australia has merged with data storage specialist Optistor, officials at Dicom's head office in Asia announced.

Optistor, founded in 1990, was acquired by Dicom Asia in February 2001 with the objective to gain access to specialist storage capabilities and to consolidate the Australian electronic document capture (EDC) market.

Dicom Asia said it expects this recent merger will allow Dicom Australia to broaden its service offering and improve the level and coverage of its technical support provided to customers and business partners. The merger will also enable customers of Dicom Australia to source its EDC and storage products from a single vendor.

Giulio Battistini, managing director of Dicom Asia, said: "The merger allows us to more rapidly expand our professional service offering. It also enables us to create an 'EDC one-stop-shop', responding to the typical requirement for document capture software and service as well as data storage in the same project. Finally this move allows us to further increase our focus on EDC related solution, which forms an important part of our long term strategy".

Dicom also announced it plans to open an office in Brisbane in late 2002.

The merged companies employ 20 EDC and storage specialists.

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