ComOps wins Toll Haul

ComOps wins Toll Haul

Major haulage and logistics company Toll Holdings has signed a contract with local business intelligence application vendor ComOps. Toll will use the ComOps UNIBIS suite of applications for enterprise resource planning, e-commerce and business intelligence.

Toll has secured the deal with an unlimited user licence for the application, as well as IT consulting and maintenance support from ComOps.

In a statement, Toll Holdings said it needed the application as it was currently going through a period of expansion and growth and a business intelligence (BI) application will help this growth be efficient.

ComOps claims the Toll deal is a sign that the Australian market is looking healthy.

"There are certainly indications that life is being breathed back into the IT sector in Australia, and our new contract with Toll certainly puts ComOps in a promising position for 2003," said Richard Bradley, the managing director of ComOps in a statement.

"We look forward to making more significant announcements in the near future."

ComOps was one of the BI tools tested by South Australian Water, the tests conducted by the utility are the cover story for the November/December issue of Image & Data Manager magazine. Click here to subscribe online. Related Articles:

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