Warm condolences to a great editor and friend

Warm condolences to a great editor and friend

The technology and media industry has been shocked by the loss of Alicia Camphuisen. Many have sent in warm condolences to her family, friends and the Image & Data Manager team. We would like to share them with you.

All of us at IIM Ltd share in their loss. Alicia was a delightful person, and a real pleasure to work with, as those Members who knew her would verify, and it is tragic that someone so young and vibrant has been taken from us. Our thoughts are with Gerard and his team at this very sad time.
Giselle Grynbaum

I only caught up with the tragic news about Alicia just prior to the IIM2002 conference, so I apologise for this somewhat belated message. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to meet Alicia face to face, but working with her (with regard to IIM and my own contributions to Image and Data) was always a pleasure, and I had at all times complete confidence in her professional judgement. Many people I spoke to at the IIM2002 conference expressed similar feelings to mine: shock, disbelief, and a sense of unfairness that life could be taken away from such a wonderful person with so much going for her. Coming to terms with this untimely loss will be a long and difficult process for family, friends and professional colleagues, so my thoughts are very much with you and the team at Knapp Communications.
Barbara Clay

I was so shocked to hear this news yesterday afternoon. I'd met Alicia many times and had spoken to her on the phone countless times. She was always friendly & bubbly, and not to mention, the utmost professional.

How tragic. I don't really know what to say.

Working in a small environment you become very close - it would be like losing a family member. And when it's totally unexpected, and someone so young - with the best years still left ahead of them, it's just awful.

Be strong over the coming weeks. They will be tough for you all, while it's difficult not to think of the loss of your friend and colleague, it really helps to remember the good times you shared.

My thoughts and sympathy, and I'm sure I can speak on behalf of all here Objective, are with you, your team and Alicia's family.
Julia Fizelle
Objective Corporation

I was very shocked and saddened to learn of Alicia's premature passing and just wanted to express my sympathy to you and her family on behalf of myself and the staff at HPA. It is especially sad for me because of meeting and working with Alicia on an article when I was employed with SCSI Corporation and found her to be a delightful person with so much to look forward to. Please convey our condolences to her friends and family. Vaughn de Vocht
Hermes Precisa Australia

I just wanted to let you know that we share your grief - I adored her - she was a ray of sunshine to work with and it was always a pleasure to hear from her. It will take some time for you all to come to terms with her sudden death - our thoughts are with you and with her family.
Conni Christensen,
Synercon Management Consulting

We were shocked and sadden to hear of Alicia's passing. The sudden loss of a colleague can be a most difficult thing to bear. Everyday a reminder, every day someone who does not know will call and ask for her, everyday faxes, letters and emails will continue to arrive with her name - and every day you and your team will have memories and emotions to deal with.

Alicia has always been well respected. Her professionalism, grace and sense of humour always made her a delight to deal with. We will miss her too. Our thoughts are with you and your team. Please also pass on our deepest sympathy to Alicia's loved ones.
All the team at Optus Corporate Affairs

It is such a tragic and unexpected news I am at a loss for words. From all here at VERITAS I would like to express the loss felt today, of not only a professional colleague in our industry, but an intelligent, warm and approachable friend. Our thoughts go to Alicia's family, yourself and the Image & Data Manager team. Narelle Wilson

On behalf of all of us here at HarvestRoad, please accept our deepest sympathy on the passing of Alicia. Alicia's professionalism and understanding beyond her years is part of what makes IDM a uniquely competent and helpful organisation. I think that Alicia valued the image she created for your customers. At HarvestRoad, we had the pleasure of dealing with a very professional and approachable person. I would be pleased if you could pass on our condolences to her family and our thoughts are with you.
John Townsend

I had to say how saddened I was to learn of Alicia's passing. She was such a very helpful and friendly person, and we had a lot of inter-communication over IDM issues. It was indeed a shock to the system when I heard about it, with her being so young and such a great person. Please pass on my sincere condolences to her family and also to the staff and her friends at IDM.
Len Asprey
Practical Information Management Solutions

I wish to briefly respond to your remarkable tribute to Alicia in today's Image and Data Manager.

It was with great shock that I read of her passing. I had not met Alicia face to face, but had spoken to her a number of times recently and was impressed with her freshness and good humour. I must admit I'd had no impression that she may have been ill. I can't imagine the sadness amongst your team and her loved ones and just wanted to convey my condolences.
Sally Fraser

I am sorry to hear of Alicia's passing. We had met a couple of times at industry events, and I was always glad to see her. She was a friendly, warm, helpful and cheerful person; she'll be greatly missed by everyone who had the good fortune to meet her.

There are no words that can help at a time like this, but my thoughts are with you all.

Lindsay Beaton
TOWER Software

I received an email today from a colleague who informed me about the passing of Alicia Camphuisen. I must say, the news has hit me hard. Alicia was not only a fine journalist but one of the most uplifting people I have met in this business.

She was a great communicator, an enthusiastic discoverer of new and interesting things, a bright, optimistic and charismatic person with a wonderfully innocent sense of humour that made her an absolute delight to deal with.

Its times like these I really hope there is a place where Alicia can see, hear and read all the great things that people thought about her but probably rarely ever said. My sincerest sympathies go out to her family, friends and co-workers.
John Brand
Electronic Business Strategies
META Group

I know Alicia will be sorely missed and I will miss her cheerful voice on the phone and her insightful questions when she interviewed us.

Everybody here send their sincerest regrets and love and courage to you all.
Gilly Hen-Boisen

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