Software AG offers new XML tool

Software AG offers new XML tool

Software AG is shipping EntireX XML Mediator, a tool for building XML information exchange hubs.

EntireX manages XML interactions that discover relevant information and uses that information to route documents or messages to an appropriate destination or transforms the content to other XML formats or presentation styles such as HTML, PDF or WML.

Enterprises face major challenges when dealing with diverse XML vocabularies. Some potential XML users are waiting for official standards to emerge in their industry before proceeding, but such standards require a consensus that is difficult to achieve in competitive industries.

EntireX addresses this problem by discovering patterns in the information, translating it to a more familiar terminology and transcribing it into a standardised form.

Industries such as healthcare, insurance, energy, chemical and petroleum are defining XML-based standards that simplify information exchange. EntireX can support several data exchange standards including XBRL, HL7 or CML.

EntireX reduces implementation time and dependence on proprietary business integration tools. It automates processing and dispatching of XML documents by applying rules based on the documentÕs content and/or structure. Because routing rules can be modified dynamically, new applications for specific tasks can be added automatically without modifying existing applications.

EntireX is available on Windows 2000/NT and Solaris Sparc/Ultra Sparc. An operational 90-day demo version can be downloaded at:

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