Expertise mapping goes autonomous

Expertise mapping goes autonomous

By Paul Montgomery

Autonomy has added a new application to its IDOL knowledge management software suite which automatically profiles the expertise of employees.

The Collaboration and Enterprise Networks (CEN) application works with the other KM and search modules within the London-based developer's IDOL suite to capture, visualise and manage data on employee skill sets, according to the company.

The CEN removes the need for employees to enter and update information on their own knowledge base themselves, a system which can be abused by employees who misstate their abilities, or do not keep their listing up to date. The software monitors each employee's interactions with enterprise content, and offers employees links to people who are working on similar projects elsewhere in their organisation.

Higher-level managers can use CEN to see a visual representation of what content areas employees are working on, shown as a colour-coded map, so that they can connect employees whose work is dovetailing, and prevent workers from duplicating efforts on similar projects, according to Autonomy.

The application links in with the rest of the IDOL system to provide personalisation, collaboration and application performance management. Administrators of the system can be alerted to problems through e-mail, SMS and wireless devices.

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