83 per cent of workers unhappy

83 per cent of workers unhappy

Would you believe that 83 per cent of people are unhappy with their jobs? Well, it's true, according to a report produced by Spherion Group which surveyed more than 700 people on its Web Site.

Being important is important to most workers with 38 per cent of respondents saying they wanted to be valued and respected by their employer. The same number of people were also concerned about enjoying the work they did. While learning and developing was important to 15 per cent of respondents, only 13 per cent felt challenging work was significant, and an even smaller 11 per cent are concerned about doing something they are good at.

The biggest surprise is money. It's listed as a major factor in their job by 12 per cent of respondents. Only eight per cent are concerned about making a difference.Jane Beaumont, managing director, Spherion Recruitment Solutions said: "More and more, workers are placing greater emphasis on a balanced lifestyle, pursuing careers that bring them happiness.

This means that employers have to begin looking at changing their corporate culture in order to assist their staff to achieve this balance."

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