Vendor Scorecard

Vendor Scorecard


"The challenge for the company is to drive home its technology advantage and to get its message across in a 'noisy' market, where the established players are shouting loudest and the newcomers are piling up fast."


"Excalibur's image and video retrieval products are key differentiators, as long as they do not distract the company from its core market."


"Lotus sees knowledge management as the area where it can outpace and outsmart Microsoft. Knowledge management also allows Lotus to target a market where its combination of product and vision are particularly attractive."


"The real challenge for Intraspect is marketing its product in a fiercely competitive market... Intraspect has met this challenge with a well-planned partnership strategy that is giving the company commercial and product momentum."


"Microsoft is strongly positioned to have a huge influence on, and possibly dominate, the knowledge management software market. But for now at least, knowledge management is still very much 'work in progress'."

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"The company now has the opportunity to build on its technical foundation, as it learns from its customers' experiences of rolling out large intranet-based projects."

Hummingbird/PC DOCS

"...what will happen in 2000 will be watched closely by everyone in the knowledge management world. If Hummingbird can successfully integrate the capabilities of DocsFulcrum with PC DOCS' document management and Hummingbird's business intelligence products, there is strong potential for leadership."


"Secure in its current markets and sitting on a large cash reserve, the interesting question is where Verity will now look to increase its share of the wider knowledge management market."

Source: Ovum.

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