Managing email as an effective business tool

Managing email as an effective business tool

Performance Improvement Conferences & Seminars (PICS) will be holding a series of email workshops across the nation in August, which will act as a practical guide for understanding and effectively using email for business processes.

The workshops will be lead by Jenny Robins and Lorel De Angelis, senior consultants with Enterprise Knowledge, who are specialists in records and information management consultancy.

Topics to be covered include: why manage email, message creation, message capture and retrieval, disposal, and netiquette.

They will also provide a framework for participants to establish policies and procedures in their organisation so that emails are managed and used for the purpose of operational integrity, facilitation of business, accountability and corporate memory.

The event is aimed at office managers, records and document managers, administrators and personal assistants.

The 'Managing your Email' workshops will be held in Melbourne on August 10, Sydney August 16, and in Brisbane on August 23.

For more information contact 03 9853 0699.

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