Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers appearing at IIM98 will comprise :

¥Professor Michael Vitale, Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, who will deliver the knowledge management keynote address on "Measuring the Benefits of Knowledge Management".

He has an MBA from Harvard Business School, a PhD in Mathematics from Dartmouth College, and a BA in Mathematics from Oakland University.

In his current post with the University of Melbourne, Professor Vitale teaches in the MBA and executive education programs and consults to public and private sector organisations.

His research interests include knowledge management as well as information systems management and measurement.

¥Laurie Lock Lee, Practice Leader for Enterprise Knowledge Management, BHP Information Technology

Mr Lee will discuss the topic "Information Management and Knowledge Management: How Does it Fit"

¥Jeff Sussman, Delphi Consulting Australia will address "Knowledge Management - An Intersection of Business Imperative and Technology"

¥John Kerrisk, Department of Information Management, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, will discuss "Managing Documents or Managing Knowledge?"

¥Colin Metz, Educom, will look at "Implementation of Knowledge Networks in the Professional Serv-ices Industry"

¥Tim Brennan, Corporate Renaissance, will discuss "Know-ledge Management: Analysing its Contribution to Share Value".

¥Dr Frada Burstein, Director of Research Training, School of Information Management and Systems, Monash University will host the knowledge management workshop.

She has more than 15 years of research and academic experience in information systems research, and is the leader of a formal research group in knowledge management at Monash University.

Dr Burstein will emphasise the importance of organising, managing and empowering organisations from the introduction of knowledge management processes to contribute to their full potential.

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