Seagate releases OLAP client tool

Seagate releases OLAP client tool

Seagate Software has announced the release of Seagate Worksheet, a new full featured OLAP client tool.

The Open OLAP Architecture behind Worksheet will allow intuitive access to OLAP data sources including Microsoft DDS, Seagate Holos and Crystal Info, Arbor Essbase, IBM DB2 OLAP server and any other server supporting OLE DB for OLAP.

The Worksheet provides a comprehensive range of multidimensional analysis and reporting capabilities including pivoting of dimensions, nesting dimensions, sorting, conditional formatting, drill down, drill up, drill across, dynamic drillable charting and visualisation, field selection, calculations and formulas, key performance indicators and data export to Excel and Lotus 123.

Benefits of the Worksheet include easy access to multi-dimensional (OLAP) data from various data sources, out of the box ad-hoc analysis of OLAP data, graphical analysis of data for easy identification of trends, patterns and relationships, and interactive views of data that can be manipulated quickly as you think of new business questions.

Also included is the ability to view and manipulate an unlimited number of dimensions, and an easy-to-use calculation capability. The Worksheet is currently available in beta and free of charge from Seagate Software's Web site at The beta version supports Microsoft DSS Beta 3 exclusively. For more information call 02 9955 4088.

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