KnowledgeWorks 98

KnowledgeWorks 98

KnowledgeWorks 98 is to be held from October 21- 22 at the Sheraton Airport Hotel, Sydney.

The event is designed to provide a practical approach to capitalising on your corporate knowledge and will provide attendees with the skills and information to develop and implement knowledge management within their organisation.

KnowledgeWorks will be presenting seven international speakers including Mike Barker from Royal Mail in the UK and Tim Meek, president of knowledge transfer for Buckman Laboratories in the US.

The keynote international case study 'Implementing a Knowledge Management Strategy' will be presented by Chris Collison, knowledge management consultant with British Petroleum in the UK.

The BP knowledge management team has the responsibility of creating demand for KM in an organisation of 55,000 staff, and is targeted with the delivery of $100m of value through the application of KM in 1998. Mr Collison will provide numerous examples of KM in action in BP, and outline, the company strategy for embedding KM, its associated behaviours, processes and technologies into the way BP does business.

A wide range of business sectors including financial services, power distribution, telecommunications, utilities, chemicals, manufacturing, government and defence will covered over the two days.

For info: Priority Learning, (02) 9369 4804

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