Network connection for scanners

Network connection for scanners

Axis Communications has announced the release of the Axis 700 Network Scan Server, designed to provide direct network connection for scanners.

The Axis 700 Network Scan Server employs Axis' ThinServer Technology to enable a universal access to scanner resources via the network, without requiring a dedicated PC or a network file server.

All network functionality including Web server and management capabilities are integrated into the product by combining an embedded streamlined thin server with a cross platform Web management interface and customised RISC-based CPU.

The scan server allows a connected scanner to distribute information to a variety of destinations and users have a complete range of scanning options to choose from based on their applications and the frequency with which they scan documents.

One of the key differences with the Axis 700 Network Scan Server is its ability to support scanners from a variety of different manufacturers.

Network administrators can use the product's TCP/IP support to platform local or remote administration. The Axis 700's HTTP server with FTP and STMP clients make it the first scan server that is said to be optimised for intranets and the Internet.

The Axis 700 Scan Server supports all major imaging and optical character recognition applications and integrates with most workflow, groupware and document management packages. The product allows for the opening and viewing of digital images with support for both TIFF 6.0 and JPEG File Interchange Format.

The Axis 700 Network Scan Sever costs $2495. Contact Intelligent Technologies; phone 02 9891 6611.

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