The StorPoint CD/T 10/100

The StorPoint CD/T 10/100

This latest addition to the AXIS StorPoint family of CD ROM servers provides 100baseT or 10baseT support, taking advantage of the increased bandwidth that the Fast Ethernet network provides.

The StorPoint CD/T 10/100 now allows fast and cost effective sharing of CD ROM data over the network regardless of the system or speed. The StorPoint's enhanced multi protocol support and ability to directly attach to 100baseT or 10baseT network ensures that the users investment in the product is protected when upgrading the speed or operations of the network.

The StorPoint CD/T 10/100.

To increase the capacity of CD ROM data that can be shared over a network, the StorPoint CD/T 10/100 will also be available in Dual SCSI version.

This StorPoint will support up to 14 directly connected CD ROM drives or up to 112 CD ROMs using SCSI LUN-based addressing, providing all users on the network with access to the stored information.

The AXIS StorPoint CD/T 10/100 costs $1299 and the AXIS Storpoint CD/T 10/100 Dual SCSI $1759.

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