New graphic workstations and prepress servers

New graphic workstations and prepress servers

Mitsui Computer has been appointed Australian distributor for Intergraph's range of graphics workstations and pre-press servers.

Mitsui and Intergraph have unveiled a range of Intel/Windows NT based hardware products that set new standards in performance, productivity and connectivity for the graphic arts, prepress and publishing markets.

The ExtremeZ is a product line of powerful Intel Pentium II processor based workstations.

Windows NT and Macintosh connectivity and resource sharing is provided through Miramar Systems PC MACLAN Connect for Windows NT, while Macintosh media sharing is provided through DataViz's MacOpener.

The InterServe 205 Prepress Server is designed for prepress and publishing RIP applications which demand maximum throughput. It also provides seamless connectivity with Macintosh based clients.

The InterServe 205 features 266MHz or 300MHz Pentium II processor options and can be upgraded to a dual process configuration. The second processor can be used to drive a second output device connected to the server or for more processing power.

Contact Mitsui Computer ph; 02 9935 2400.

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