Floppy disc adaptor simplifies digital snaps

Floppy disc adaptor simplifies digital snaps

Fujifilm has developed a system which allows pictures to be downloaded straight onto the home computer via a standard floppy disk.

With the Fuji Floppy disk adaptor, the SmartMedia card memory of the computer is removed from the camera and is inserted straight into the computer's floppy disk drive where it can be read in Windows 95 applications.

Fuji has also released the Fuji NX-5D digital printer that prints directly from a SmartMedia card without the use of a computer. A simple home television set can be used as a monitor to preview before you print.

The printer delivers photo realistic quality on Fujifilm's Thermo-Autochrome (TA) printing system and the print is extremely resistant to scratches and friction and has good keeping qualities.

The FujiNX-5D can be linked with Windows or Macintosh computers to provide a high resolution colour printer for images from the Internet or CD-ROMs.

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