Aust site wins gold at imaging awards

Aust site wins gold at imaging awards

An innovative solution developed by Staffware Workflow and Wang Australia has received the Workflow & Imaging Gold Award from the Giga Information Group for the duo's Yarra Valley Water (YVW) workflow solution. The award was announced at the Business Process and Workflow Conference, held in Amsterdam, Holland.

YVW, Staffware and Wang Australia jointly developed and implemented Staffware-driven PropertyFlow and EasyAccess image and data retrieval systems for YVW's key customers.

"Yarra Valley Water has shown tremendous vision in its implementation of imaging technology," said Connie Moore, director at Giga Information Group. "The real power of document imaging and workflow is to provide better, faster and less costly customer service."

According to YVW's managing director, Peter Hartford, it has achieved initial annual cost savings of $1.3 million resulting from 50 per cent staff reductions in the areas affected, which is expected to increase as the services achieve further market penetration. (The YVW site was featured on page 42 of the Oct/Nov, 1996, issue of Image & Data Manager).

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