SCSI Corp cuts CD-ROM rack systems by $66,000

SCSI Corp cuts CD-ROM rack systems by $66,000

SCSI Corporation has dropped the prices of its CD-ROM rack systems by up to $66,000 and the prices of its CD-ROM server systems by up to $9500.

The price drops are a direct result of SCSI's decision to build its systems locally; now the only company building CD-ROM towers, servers and racks with Australian components.

"SCSI Corp buys the components direct from manufacturers in Asia and then builds the tower to order in Sydney," said SCSI's general manager, Robert Ek. "As a result we can sell our units at about 25 per cent less than our competitors."

SCSI Corp is now shipping the Optistor 21 drive CD-ROM server tower, the only locally assembled CD-ROM server tower available for NT and NetWare.

SCSI is also shipping Optistor 49 and 98-drive CD-ROM server towers, with the latter storing more 63GB of data online.

The server towers are based on the latest 12 spin CD-ROM drives from Plextor, which allows a data transfer rate of up to 1.8Mb per second.

SCSI Corp is now selling the Optistor 21-drive CD-ROM Server Tower from $25,780, the Optistor 49-drive from $58,883 and the 98-drive from $106,357.

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