Pioneer launches 100 disc autochanger

Pioneer launches 100 disc autochanger

Pioneer has released a 100 disc CD-ROM autochanger that combines high capacity data storage with disc reading and writing capability.

Built for applications that need frequent access and potentially high security; like network data access and image management; the Pioneer DRM-1004X brings together fast read access and CD-R writing.

Available in two configurations, each system provides CD-ROM readers running at 4.4x speed and a writer at 4x speed. Users have a choice of two CD-ROM readers, or a two readers and one CD-R writer package.

The DRM-1004X has an MTBF figure of one million disc swaps, and it has been built to cope with every type of industry CD-ROM disc format. The autochanger reader handles CD-ROM, CD-DA, XA Mode 2 (form 1 & 2) Yellow Book and Orange Book (part 2) in a system that can be readily integrated into the major networking environments.

The DRM-1004X-2 100 disc autochanger with two readers is available at $9990 (ex tax) and the DRM-1004XR with 1 writer and two readers at $13,500 (ex tax).

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