'Record' time for imaging installation

'Record' time for imaging installation

Funds manager Rothschild Australia Asset Management Limited (RAAM) recently demonstrated that implementing image-based work management systems - to assist in streamlining operations and lowering costs - doesn't need to be a long drawn out process.

At ten weeks from start to completion, it is believed to be the fastest implementation time for this product in Australia, according to Mike Kossenberg, head of investor administration at Rothschild.

"Implementing this type of technology quickly is largely a function of strong user buy-in and support, along with a high-level of commitment from the vendor," he said.

The imaging and workflow system implemented in RAAM was DST's Automated Workflow Distributor (AWD).

"DST was keen to prove that the re-engineering of workflows, a back file conversion, installation and configuration of their system could be done in less than three months and we did it in two-and-a-half," said Mr Kossenberg. "The speed with which we implemented AWD is a reflection, in part, on our realistic expectations of what this workflow system was going to deliver combined with the table based configuration of the AWD application," he said.

"RAAM was a client who had a clear objective and commitment which enabled the project to be a success," said manager of DST's Advanced Technology group, Paul Gwynn.

Automated Workflow Distributor has provided functional enhancements that have assisted RAAM in streamlining operations, managing work more efficiently, achieving better management reporting and creating an operating environment that lowers processing costs while increasing productivity. Unlike other image-based work management systems, Automated Workflow Distributor requires relatively little IT involvement when it comes time to set-up workflows.

Through the use of tables, users can amend or create new workflows without the need for IT's involvement.

"This provides us with the flexibility we need to continue refining our processes to maximise efficiency and client service," said Mr Kossenberg.

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