DG releases two new servers

DG releases two new servers

Data General has strengthened its line of AViiON servers with the introduction of two Intel Pentium processor-based departmental servers, the AV 1600 and AV 2600 towers.

The AV 1600 tower is an entry level server that is suitable for workgroup, file and print applications. Powered by a 200MHz Pentium Pro processor with 256KB integrated cache and up to 512MB of ECC (Error Correcting) protected memory, the AV 1600 has a highly integrated mother board that provides SVGA, UltraSCSI and 10/100 LAN controllers, as well as system management features.

The AV 2600 tower, which supports up to two 200MHz Pentium Pro processors with 512KB integrated cache and up to the 1GB of ECC memory, is a platform for departmental applications.

The AV 2600 has the same level of integration of the mother board as the AV 1600, as well as redundant power and cooling. It supports RAID 0, 1 and 5 with up to ten hot swap disks.

A total of five operating systems will be available with the new AViiON servers: Microsoft Windows NT Server, Data General's DG/UX UNIX implementation, Novell Netware, SCO UnixWare and SCO Open Server; and together they support tens of thousands of software applications.

For continuous data access and the highest level of data integrity, the servers are supported by the company's CLARiiON disk arrays, the RAID storage solution.

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