Wide-screen notebook

Wide-screen notebook

Equipped with a high-resolution LCD that measures 11.2" in width and has the same 16:9 aspect ratio found in cinema screens, the new Sharp "WideNote" wide-screen format notebook computer will be appreciated by anyone who is tired of having to scroll from side-to-side over excel spreadsheets and landscape-style documents.

The wide-screen on the Sharp WideNote (PC-W100T) allows two Microsoft Windows applications to be viewed simultaneously, so that the user's daily schedule of appointments, for instance, can be viewed at the same time as a document is drafted.

For convenience, the work area on the WideNote can be further increased by positioning the tool bar at the side of the screen.

The WideNote also incorporates the GlidePoint fingerpad, eliminating the inconvenience of a conventional mouse and mouse cable, and features the full-sized Windows 95 keyboard.

An on-screen PIM also enables easy email connection and fax management, and with an external floppy disk drive weighing just 2.1kg, the notebook is easy to transport. The recommended retail price for the Sharp WideNote PC-W100T is $7295.