Slimmer Zip drive for laptops

Slimmer Zip drive for laptops

Iomega Corporation announced the development of a slimmer version of its internal Zip drive for notebook computers.

The new design will be 12.7mm thick, allowing Iomega to address the mobile needs of nearly all expansion bay opportunities in laptop computers.

Complying with the requirements of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), the slimmer internal Zip will be a viable alternative to the 1.44MB floppy as a fixed component of the notebook computer.

The 12.7mm Zip drive will join the previously announced 15mm Zip drive for the expansion bays of laptop computers rounding out the standardisation possibilities of Zip drives in laptop computers.

"Iomega has made a commitment to provide the Zip drive s a viable replacement to the floppy," said Greg Bartels, Iomega Australia.

"With the 12.7mm internal Zip drive, Iomega is one step closer to fulfilling that promise."

Designed as an internal Zip drive for OEMs to build into their laptops, the slimmer Zip drive will use standard 100 megabyte Zip disks which are 70 times the capacity of traditional floppy disks with hard drive-like performance.

The 12.7mm internal ZIP drive is expected to be available to laptop computer makers in the second half of 1997.

Currently, Iomega has partnerships with VST Technologies and CHF Technologies to provide 15mm Zip drives for the expansion bays of Apple Powerbook computers and Compaq 5000 series laptop computers in the first quarter of 1997.

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