Kazeon Upgrades eDiscovery

Kazeon Upgrades eDiscovery

August 28, 2008: Kazeon has extended its Information Server eDiscovery application, announcing improved collection, procession and analysis with legal hold from laptops and desktops.

The company says that version 3.1 of Information Server IS1200-ECS introduces a new in-place legal hold, KazHold, and a new agent-less product for in-place analysis of and collection from laptops/desktops.

It says that these new products and functionality are key enhancements which will help organisations streamline collection, analysis and processing for proactive and reactive eDiscovery processes, ensuring that all relevant and necessary information for any litigation related activity is discovered, and that no data is spoiled.

To do this, KazHold provides two ways of retaining potential material evidence or general case matter: in-place legal hold and target legal hold in secure repositories. Kazeon says that in-place KazHold provides a process to securely retain original data in original source location instantaneously, enabling automation of processes to ensure data is not destroyed, deleted or modified.

In target secure repositories on the other hand, identify and migrate relevant information to safe vaults like Symantec's EnterpriseVault, ECM repositories and works with WORM systems such as NetApp, EMC and Data Domain for retention management. Kazeon claims this imbues enterprises with forensically sound legal hold, and frees them from the burden of collecting non-material information across WANs.

“There can be no questions about the sanctity of information for eDiscovery and Kazeon's new KazHold and laptop/desktop products guarantees that data is properly analysed and collected for proactive and reactive eDiscovery,” said Karthik Kannan, VP of marketing and business development, Kazeon. “By centralising management in an agent-less and inexpensive system, Kazeon has created a scalable enterprise solution for laptops and desktops that are typically hard to manage remotely.”

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