NSW Attorney-General’s Department gets Objective

NSW Attorney-General’s Department gets Objective

September 9, 2008: The Attorney- General's Department of NSW has selected Objective to provide efficient record and electronic document management across the organisation.

Seeking a comprehensive process management strategy to unite staff and information, the Department aims to increase staff productivity and facilitate more informed decision making.

It aims to reduce costs associated with the maintenance of existing fragmented IT systems and meet legislative obligations to comply with the State Records ACT 1998.

Tony Walls, CEO of Objective Corporation, said “We are excited to have another respected government department as an Objective customer. This contract along with our other recent announcements, demonstrate the strength of our relationship with Australian government organisations.

“Objective’s single source solution will support the integrity of the Attorney-General’s Department business processes and the services that they offer to the public.”

The Attorney-General’s Department plays a key role in the administration and development of a just and equitable legal system of courts, tribunals, laws and other mechanisms. It also provides support services to enable the Attorney’s legislative and advisory responsibilities to Parliament and Cabinet to be carried out.

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