OnSite and Clearwell do eDiscovery

OnSite and Clearwell do eDiscovery

November 25 2008: Electronic evidence solution provider OnSite has announced that it has teamed up with intelligent eDiscovery specialist Clearwell Systems to create a more efficient, cross-platform solution to eDiscovery.

The two say that their partnership offers a balanced approach to in-house and hosted e-discovery solutions, and enables clients to conduct early case assessment, defensible search, and intelligent culling in-house using Clearwell’s eDiscovery platform, and then rapidly move potentially responsive results into OnSites eView document review platform.

The duo claims that together they can offer rapid and direct control of electronic data transfers from Clearwell eDiscovery into eView while maintaining all tags, folder structures, and notes.

“OnSite and Clearwell have dramatically increased e-discovery efficiency for clients who prefer in-house solutions, but who also want to maintain the flexibility for hosted document review of large scale projects,” said Debra Rozier, chief innovation officer at OnSite.

“Clients who use the Clearwell eDiscovery Platform will now be able to directly control the transfer of relevant data into OnSite's eView Platform, [which] enables a highly productive review process through its flexible, multi-level review workflow approach, client administration capability, and robust 'real-time' productivity tool-kit.”

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