Mimosa Launches E-Discovery Tools

Mimosa Launches E-Discovery Tools

February 5, 2009: Email and file archiving specialist Mimosa has launched a new toolset that it says helps to automate eDiscovery and information management tasks via proactive identification, collection and preservation of archived content.

The company says its NearPoint eDiscovery application suite offers a full set of capabilities to automate information management for active, policy-based identification, collection and preservation of user-generated content. “Mimosa Systems offers customers a unique way to capture, archive and search emails, files, calendar and contact entries in a single unified repository,” says Brian Babineau, senior analyst for the Enterprise Strategy Group. “It also indexes this content so that organisations, as well as their in-house or external counsel, can quickly identify relevant information in response to a legal discovery request.”

Babineau adds that the inclusion of incremental information from the calendar and contact portion of a messaging application provides attorneys invaluable insight that may make or break a particular matter, and that by archiving email via application log files, Mimosa captures all content that could be relevant during an electronic discovery process.

With archived file and email data projected to grow 55 percent CAGR and 73 percent CAGR respectively from 2007 to 2012, Mimosa believes that both storage costs and management challenges will be significant, and that eDiscovery and information search of the corporate archive are necessary to meet litigation requests and business objectives.

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