Objective Aids Australian Biotechnology Company Offshore

Objective Aids Australian Biotechnology Company Offshore

February 18, 2009: Australian Enterprise Content Management (ECM) specialist Objective Corporation has announced that the biotechnology firm Nanosonics Limited has implemented its ECM solution.

Objective says that the biotechnology industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world, and that its solution will save the rapidly growing company from its paper-based document management solution while reducing the cost of managing product development, manufacturing, financial and regulatory process information.

It was crucial that Nanosonics comply with stringent regulations despite being faced with an increasing workload and the costs associated with information management that comes with the rapid growth of a new company, which was a major reason behind its choice of Objective.

“We knew that we needed a scalable system that would be around in five to ten years and would easily integrate with other systems as the Company continues to grow,” said John Murtagh, General Manager for Business Systems and Regulatory Affairs. “When the business case was established, the cost of human resources and building infrastructure needed to maintain a paper-based system vastly surpassed the cost of an ECM solution”.

Nanosonics predicted that it would cost the equivalent of 5.5 people to manage a paper-based system. Using Objective it is being managed for the equivalent cost of 1.5 people, saving the Company time, money and resources.

Objective will be rolled out to Nanosonics Europe GmbH and further expansion of the solution includes continuing to integrate with existing internal systems such as financial systems that support their key line of business.

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