MarkMail 2.0 searches for free

MarkMail 2.0 searches for free

March 6, 2009: Mark Logic has announced a new version of MarkMail, a free service for searching mailing list archives.

Powered by MarkLogic Server, MarkMail 2.0 introduces several new capabilities for enhanced user customisation, personalization, and notification. The new version enables users to register for personalised views of search results, secure access to private mailing list archives, and the ability to create RSS feeds in order to be alerted to new content sources.

MarkMail 2.0 allows users to utilize a customizable search experience via secure site registration. Once registered, users are provided with an individual username and password for full access to the new MarkMail 2.0 capabilities.

It introduces a variety of modified display settings to better navigate through search results, including message date and time display. These settings make it simpler to identify when messages were posted to determine their timeliness to a given thread.

MarkMail 2.0 allows users to define a group of messages interrelated by topic, date range, sender, or recipient. For example, a user could create a set containing “all messages relating to Java prior to 2005 sent by John Smith.”

With traditional search engines, these messages would be scattered across a dozen arbitrary lists, making it very difficult for users to reference this one result set. With MarkMail 2.0, the ability to create “named sets” brings these messages together under a user-defined name. Users also have the ability to perform intra-set searches and share “named sets” with other users in the MarkMail community by distinguishing these queries as “public.”

The latest version of MarkMail provides a platform for users to establish RSS feeds to actively track various topics of interest. As new relevant messages are archived by MarkMail, users are automatically alerted that new information has become available.

“MarkMail 2.0 moves the site from a read-only model, where everyone sees the same things, to a read-write model where each person can log in and customize their own view. Users can now configure their view preferences and create custom sets to track just the messages that matter to them. They can also share those sets with others who have similar interests and host private lists that aren’t visible outside a secured group,” said Jason Hunter, principal technologist for MarkMail, Mark Logic Corporation. “These new features make it even easier and faster to search and discover messages against mailing list archives.”

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