Claromentis talks many languages

Claromentis talks many languages

April 29, 2009:Claromentis has released a multi-language extension to its flagship Enterprise Content Manager solution available with Claromentis 5.6.

This provides a global content management system that is cross-platform, supports all major browsers and runs on MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL.

A completely new language toolbar allows authorized users to create new language content.

Individual users may select their preferred language for display of content.

Each page URL is retained and identical, so global content can be shared across the enterprise with each user sees the same URL in their own language of choice.

Information Architect Michael Christian said, “Claromentis 5.6 is a very significant release for our customer base, including the new Project Manager solution. For many of our larger clients the provision of a robust multi language solution for content across the enterprise is a stand out – it builds on our localisation system to offer companies a truly robust andscale-able solution for distributing content on a global basis”.

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