10PB is a personal best for Autonomy

10PB is a personal best for Autonomy

April 29, 2009:Autonomy Corporation claims credit for managing the world's largest data archive. Its Digital Safe solution is securely managing more than 10 petabytes of e-mail, documents and multimedia data, which equates to over 30 billion messages, on 6,500 servers. The solution archives three million files per hour.

Digital Safe is powered by Autonomy's Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), which ingests, de-duplicates, indexes and extracts metadata from the files. This prepares the data for compliance audits and eDiscovery for litigation.

Each month, an average of 4000 FRCP-compliant audit and eDiscovery searches are conducted, resulting in the production of over eight terabytes of data. The content flows into the Autonomy hosted eDiscovery Services environment, or is returned to the client.

The Digital Safe solution is used by global companies that include Bank of America, Charles Schwab, Deutsche Bank, eBay and Morgan Stanley.

"To combat the current financial crisis, governments from around the world are tightening regulations around compliance and eDiscovery," said Mike Sullivan, CEO of AutonomyZANTAZ.

"It is critical for companies to unify all of their communications into a repository to make it easy to search and find information that relates to potential issues. Autonomy helps companies to reduce their costs of eDiscovery and comply with emerging regulations. 9 of 10 top banks rely on Autonomy for eDiscovery."

Autonomy Digital Safe is a massively scalable, hosted archive service that enables customers to outsource the storage and management of their email messages, rich-media files, instant messages (IMs), unified communications content and content from over 400 repositories to a third-party.

The Autonomy solution requires no on-site hardware and is completely transparent to end-users. Customers' data is stored in two geographically dispersed, ultra-secure, SAS 70-compliant data centres, ensuring extra protection and Continuity of Business (COB) in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.


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