ZyLAB broadens in-house e-discovery suite

ZyLAB broadens in-house e-discovery suite

May 29, 2009:ZyLAB has broadened its ZyIMAGE E-discovery and Production platform to include modules for allowing organisations to convert PST files into XML files, as well as deduplication and filtering of a large document collection.

These three new modules enable organizations to audit and keep detailed records of their in-house e-discovery process to provide validation to the court that it was done properly.

Although e-mail is an excellent medium for transferring information, a PST file is not a sustainable, endurable and open archive. Further, searching through PST files is slow and the format does not allow searching on the contents of attachments.

This new PST-to-XML Module allows a user to extract items from a Microsoft Outlook PST file and save them as either .msg or .rtf files with the help of XML wrappers, which store the properties of the Microsoft Outlook item. These files can be imported into aZyIMAGE index, then searched and retrieved using several ZyLAB solutions including ZyFIND, the ZyIMAGE Webserver or the ZyIMAGE Legal Review Platform. Users can then easily search all e-mail files and attachments.

The ZyIMAGE Deduplication Module is used to find duplicate files that exist in a single ZyIMAGE Index, or across a series of ZyIMAGE Indexes. The duplicate files can be deleted, marked, moved or copied. This is important due to the growing amount of electronic data in corporations, particularly for those corporations who have had overly-broad or non-existent record retention policies. Out of this data growth, Deduplication has become a vital element of e-discovery.

Data culling is the act of reducing a large document population to a smaller set according to a defined set of criteria. The ZyIMAGE Culling Module is used to filter chosen file types from source folders and copy or move them to specified target folders where they can be indexed withZyINDEX (a solution that creates and manages all the searchable archives that contain scanned and electronic information). The ZyIMAGE Culling Module enables users to filter by data groups, add and modify datagroups, create XML wrappers, add extra meta data, post-process image files, uncompress files and create reports.

“Our engineering team is constantly working on ways to provide customers with the most comprehensive e-discovery solution on the market,” said Dr. JohannesScholtes, president of ZyLAB North America LLC . “By creating these modules users can select what they need as opposed to the traditional one-size fits all solution. This approach is a big reason why we are experiencing such phenomenal growth in the sales of our e-discovery platform.”

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