Celerity chooses Nuix for eDiscovery support

Celerity chooses Nuix for eDiscovery support

June 15, 2009:Celerity Consulting Group, a leading US discovery consulting and litigation support vendor (LSV), has selected Australia's Nuix as its new data processing software provider.

Celerity has been able to replace 10 licenses from one of Nuix's largest competitors with a single Nuix license, resulting in measurable cost savings for the LSV. With the move to Nuix, Celerity is able to utilise a single license on a single quad core machine while still processing the same amount of data in a shorter amount of time.

"When we first trialled Nuix's solution we were amazed by the speed at which it was able to extract metadata from ESIa," commented Norman Yee, Celerity's Vice President and COO.

"After seeing this speed combined with the software's high degree of accuracy, compatibility with any language and far smaller hardware footprint, it was an easy decision to switch."

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