Discovering NearPoint 4.0

Discovering NearPoint 4.0

July 3, 2009:Mimosa Systems has launched NearPoint 4.0, the latest version of its email archiving product that includes new capabilities for eDiscovery in very large enterprise deployments and support for multiple data capture methods.

It promises more to reduce the time to identify, collect and preserve electronically stored information with advanced case management and workflow tools.

There is unified eDiscovery across email, file system, and SharePoint content with workflow tools to organise and share complex search queries, review list, legal holds and tags across cases or teams.

New NearPoint 4.0 Information Access features include:

-- Unified access to email and file system content that is presented in a familiar Outlook, Outlook Web Access (OWA) or browser user interface;

-- Advanced offline access to archived content through a secure cache;

-- Windows Desktop Search (WDS) integration presents active and archived content in a single view; and-- Highlighting of query terms in the search results.

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