Iris Data revamps document review platform

Iris Data revamps document review platform

July 16, 2009:Iris Data Services, a provider of eDiscovery solutions, has released version 2.2 of the Unify document review platform.

"This version of Unify online review continues to add functionality for our clients," said Joseph Ziegler, Iris' Director of Technical Services.

"It enhances printing functionality, giving legal teams the ability to batch print locally including the ability to print with redactions and add slip-sheets, separators and footer pages. This version also expands Unify's search functionality, improving the complex search logic and enhances the ability to ignore superfluous characters and symbols," said Ziegler.

Iris' online review tool, Unify is designed to make document review as efficient, accurate and risk-free as possible. Grouping by near-duplicates, threads, and other similarities aids speed and consistency by allowing for the review of groups of related documents simultaneously.

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