Archiving push at NZ Reserve Bank

Archiving push at NZ Reserve Bank

August 7, 2009:The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is seeking to implement an Enterprise Archiving System that will automate the capture of incoming and outgoing email.

The RBNZ employs approximately 240 staff and currently information is stored across a range of repositories including primary information management systems (Documentum, Records Manager, Microsoft Office SharePoint Services), Email (Exchange), unstructured files (fileplan-aligned network drives) and database systems (MS SQL Server).

Email management is flagged as a a key requirement for the bank in a document it has issued calling for Expressions of Interest.

It is also looking to automate the process of moving inactive records into an archive repository and provide automated categorisation of records based on keywords/rules, with the ability for staff to manually apply over-riding categorisation as appropriate.

Other requirements include the ability for RBNZ staff to be offerd a "seamless user experience" such that records are visible irrespective of whether they are in primary or archive repositories.