Vi-Search offers new look at video search

Vi-Search offers new look at video search

September 15, 2009:A new tool to simplify the search and retrieval of video content has been unveiled by Israel's Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi).

Vi-Search also offers statistical analysis capabilities, such as analysis of motion patterns, traffic flows, and traffic loads. It analyses the video stream and generates scene metadata of events and features in the video as it is recorded, and allows for later retrieval and analysis of specific video segments through an intuitive and automatic search within the metadata of the vast amounts of stored video.

Vi-Search supports all forms of analysis of stored video, including search by events, search for target type (People, Vehicles, Objects), search targets by colour or size, motion path analysis, statistical traffic analysis and video summary.

"Vi-Search is a new and exciting product that will enable users of surveillance networks to reap practical benefits from their stored video," saidItsik Kattan, CEO of Agent Vi.

Vi-Search employs Agent Vi's distributed and open-architecture approach, which enables integration with a wide variety of edge devices and video management systems, and requires deployment of a minimal amount of dedicated hardware. This makes Vi-Search a feasible solution for all existing and new surveillance networks, whether their focus is security, safety, law enforcement or business intelligence applications.

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