Searching for search perfection

A new enterprise search platform has been announced by US developer Perfect Search, promising 10 times faster and more scalable search across structured and unstructured data sets.

The company claims its patented disk-based Hyper-Federation innovation permits incredibly high-speed search and data retrieval with significant hardware savings, freeing enterprises from costly, sluggish, memory-based enterprise search technology reliant on random-access memory (RAM) to cache an index.

Perfect Search stores the index on a disk and can also cache the index in RAM, providing faster query times. Perfect Search's suite of search products supports multiple platforms - from single servers to large server farms - and is claimed to require less hardware than existing solutions.

"Companies are struggling with an explosion of both unstructured and structured data that has far outpaced the innovations of enterprise search, making the retrieval of stored data even more difficult and expensive, ultimately decreasing employee productivity," said Tim Stay, Perfect Search President and CEO.

"Perfect Search now provides a high performance, cost-effective solution to this problem that provides high-speed search and scalability while driving down enterprise search cost."

Perfect Search's suite of products support IBM DB2, Oracle, Google Search Appliance (GSA) and Microsoft SQL Server.